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Are you seeking cutting edge work that blends the art of Cognitive Psychology, Human Factors, Computer Science, and Data Science?

Our People & Culture

Our team is passionate about innovation that impacts the world. Our culture offers collaboration, personal development, fun and hard work.

Work That Matters

Mission critical decision makers are trapped in a web of complexity. We are looking for smart problem solvers with a passion for creating simple, elegant, and resilient solutions.

There's work and there's work at RCS. People don't come here to play it safe. They come here to swim in the deep end. Immerse themselves within client environments to work on important, difficult problems. Work that really matters.

Freedom & Mastery

Tackle challenging problems and innovate novel solutions in a setting that encourages personal autonomy and advancement.

Become One of the Best

At RCS, cognitive problem solvers become world-class Cognitive Systems Engineers (CSEs). Develop critical skills and expertise within our high-energy small team environment. Design information systems that enable advanced human decision-making in complex mission environments.

  • Train to identify decision brittleness within complex information systems
  • Prototype, test, and deploy decision support systems that are cognitively resilient and comfortable for users
  • Work on projects for world-class customers

We Value Work/Life/School Balance

Balancing your professional, academic and personal life can be challenging, but we think it’s imperative. We value a symmetry where a person can prioritize the demands of their career equally with demands of their personal life. We are committed to providing environments that support work-life balance for our employees and include offerings like parental leave, remote work, flexible work schedules and flexible paid time off.

In-Office, Hybrid and Remote Work

We continue to adapt to a constantly changing world. By utilizing all the latest software and technology, RCS’s communication and collaboration allows us to effectively operate anywhere. We offer in-office workstations with all the gear you need, as well as remote or hybrid options for those that don’t require in-person interaction.

Internship Program

Do you have what it takes?

Are you passionate about innovation that impacts the world? Looking for an internship that can catapult your career? Learn hands-on as you collaborate alongside the world’s best cognitive systems design team.

Internships Available

Our Approach

Applied Cognitive Systems Engineering

ACSE℠ is a fourth generation methodology with heritage all the way back to the seminal work by Woods, Hollnagel, Rasmussen, Lind and other researchers as they defined the field of practice now known as Cognitive Systems Engineering. Each successive refinement of the methodology has improved two essential dimensions:

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Case Study : TRAC2ES

RCS led a redesign of TRAC2ES, a Command and Control application for managing medical evacuation. Evacuation management decision-making required matching a list of patients spread worldwide - each requiring different types of care and urgency - with evacuation flights to hospital locations. The operators were in charge of finding the best possible patient evacuation plan across the set of hundreds of patients. This required high levels of situational awareness, and nuanced decision-making.

CSE In Action

See how RCS achieved high levels of situational awareness, and nuanced decision-making to a command and control application.

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Our Clients

We are fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest organizations in the world. From defense to finance, healthcare to energy, we bring greater simplicity and effectiveness to command and control for executives and analysts working within critical, challenging decision-making environments.