Complexity is the Enemy of Decision-Making

We simplify complex decision environments

To make smarter, faster decisions across your large enterprise, you must combine two forms of intelligence that don’t easily mesh.

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Areas of Focus

RCS is a veteran-owned consultancy focused on radically improving executive and operator decision-making support within high-stakes, fast-paced environments.

Fast Changing, Real-Time Decision Environments

Data avalanche caused by natural or adversarial events requires uniquely effective decision support capabilities. RCS brings leading edge research and decades of command and control experience to its decision support solutions.

Disaster/Threat Prevention and Response Environments

Effective preparation and response requires anticipatory analysis using advanced decision support robust enough for the challenges of real-world situations.

High-Risk, High-Stakes Decision Environments

Bring greater clarity, speed, and resiliency to the most important and difficult strategic and operational decisions.

Who We Serve

Common Challenges We Solve

Data Overload and Uncertainty Conditions

By placing data in context, decision-making can effectively respond to the volume, variety, and velocity of today’s situations.

Data Repository “Stovepiped” Conditions

Large enterprises evolve complex data repositories that must be transformed into effective decision support capabilities for executives.

Data Analyst Fatigue Conditions

Overloaded analysts require powerful, robust decision support environments to solve critical, time-pressured situations.

Chief Decision Support Officer (CDSO)

In the age of big data, complexity is the enemy of decision-making. We believe the role of Chief Decision Support Officer (CDSO) is crucial for any organization seeking quality real time decisions. Just as a CFO is in charge of the company’s financial health, the CDSO is in charge of the company’s decision-making health. Large amounts of data and information should be used as an asset or tool rather than simply mined and traded. The CDSO is a key contributor to achieving a Gen 3 operation that can propel your enterprise into a more strategic and effective use of big data.

RCS offers a first of its kind ‘virtual CDSO’ service for organizations that can’t add a full time C-level position. Contact us at for more information.